Welcome to our website design blog

Hello World (as they say)!

Welcome to the long overdue Red 13 Website Design blog. We’ve been so so busy with various website design and development projects that we just haven’t had the time or resources to keep up a blog.

This week we have taken on a  new geek, welcome to the team Joe! Joe specialises in SEO and CMS development which will  not only boost this very blog but also lighten the load for the rest of us, allowing us to keep the blog posts consistent.

The purpose of this blog is to write informative, educating and hopefully interesting articles about all things website design, web development, logo design, SEO, e-commerce websites and more.

Our main website, Red 13 Website Design, already contains useful information on our website design services. This blog intends to offer a little more in-depth information. For example, we will be reviewing web design/development software and CMS extensions. We also aim to help assist fellow geeks suffering from those hair-pulling code nightmares.

Goodbye world!…(see you tomorrow)


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